Cash flow, wealth and creating an investment plan…

Have you had a chance to check out our Real Investar Program? It’s our new initiative designed to help you build wealth through smarter property investment.

More specifically how to eliminate your bad debts and build a passive income of at least $83,200 per year by buying only 4 average-priced investment properties.

As part of our coaching program you can expect to; own your home sooner, eliminate bad debts, shave years off your mortgage and save thousands in interest & tax.

Most importantly you’ll build a passive ongoing income stream that can provide you with the lifestyle you want in retirement.

So why is this important?

Because the future isn’t all that bright…

  • About 80% of Australian’s will not have enough money to live on in retirement, even after working all their life;
  • Many will have to continue working even though they may be too frail;
  • More than half will have to sell the family home just to survive!

And also, because there’s more to life than work.

Even if you love what you do I think we can all agree it would be nice to have more money, as well as more time to enjoy it.

It’s all about cash flow…

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has a great way of explaining the different types of cash flow and where they come from.

He calls it the Cashflow Quardrant and in it you’re either an Employee, Self-employed, a Business Owner or an Investor.


  • If you’re an Employee you have a job – you get paid when you work [usually based on an hourly rate]
  • If you’re Self-employed you own a job – you get paid when you work [usually based on a price per job/contract rather than an hourly rate]
  • If you’re a Business Owner you own a system and people work for you – you manage people and get paid when they work [usually based on business profits]
  • If you’re an Investor your money or other people’s money [OPM] works for you – you get paid when your investments makes money [usually based on investment profits]

The challenge is that unless you’re a very highly paid individual [think surgeon or big time CEO] you can’t save your way to wealth – you have to get your money working for you and that means you MUST become an Investor!

But what is wealth?

When you hear the word ‘wealth’ what exactly does it mean for you?

Wealth means different things to different people that’s why we like this definition;

Wealth is…

  • Doing what you want;
  • When you want;
  • With whom you want;
  • Wherever you want;
  • As much as you want;
  • As soon as possible.

What we’re saying is that you can’t put a dollar figure on wealth – it’s not an exact amount of income, savings or net worth, rather wealth is having the time and resources to do the things you like, on your terms!

How much do you need?

In order to create wealth, you need to get crystal clear on what wealth means to you.

And that means working out how much passive income you need per week, to live the life you desire.

We’ve created the following table as a starting point to narrow down how much cash flow you might need;

Broke  $400 net per week
Just Getting By:  $500 net per week
Moderately Secure:  $600 net per week
Independent:  $1,000 net per week
Financially Free:  $2,000 net per week
Wealthy:  $4,000 net per week

Remember the above table is just a guide and your situation is unique to you.

Having said that we recommend people initially aim to create a passive income stream of ~$1,000 [net] per week.

That’s because it’s very achievable and once you reach this goal, you’ll have all of the skills you need to make even more.

Where to from here?…

Now that you’ve set your wealth goal the next step is to build an actionable plan to help you to achieve it!

We’re going to cover that in our next article, however if you’re motivated and want to get started on your journey now then consider signing on for our free Real Investar Program.

Not only will we help you set up your own personalised investment plan but we’ll be there to help you put it all into action.

Our goal is to help you build a passive ongoing income stream that can provide you with the lifestyle you want in retirement.

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P.S. In the coming weeks we’ll be revealing even more about our Real Investar Program.


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